Natural light is great, but the sun sets!

Your flash is on as long as your batteries are charged!

Imagine tho, if you could have the sun on a stick and choose where you want it to be, to light up your subject; how great would it be to control where you want your light to be coming from?!

Sure, there’s a bit more to it than that, but when you start to think of it like “the sun on a stick” it no longer seems as daunting to tackle.

Walk into any venue and confidently know:

  • Where to set up your lighting to get the results you want?

  • How many lights you need

  • What power they should be at to get that “light + airy” look

  • How to do that cool rim light

  • How to backlight the rain or snow to really show it off at night?

What you get for your hard earned money...

Some videos will be slideshow + voice overs, some will be talking directly to you and showing you things + THE BEST VIDEOS will be me shooting and adjusting my lights for the different events at a reception! I'll walk you though why and what I'm doing and you'll see photo examples and settings along the way!

For anything you might want to reference back to, you will be able to download PDF guides that break it all down! Including some quick-reference diagram set ups with photo examples! That way if you're desperate at a wedding, save it your phone and use it when you're setting up your lights!

And to cover all the learning styles, a fill in the blank workbook that walks you through all the course material to help it really sink in!

& of course access to a private FB group with myself, and other students from this course to discuss + ask questions!

Complex sh*t, taught simply!

I'll be real here, I'll always be real, thats a promise! You will learn all the info, some tech-y stuff, but not too much. There will always be the simpler version to start with! That way as you grow and learn, when you want to try out some more advanced stuff or know what that extra setting is for, you can always reference back to the course! It's a course that grows with you!

The more you know, the less limited you are. Don’t let a lack of knowledge hold back your creativity!

Enough selling - I want to learn!

Make accounting easier on yourself with only one transaction, or if you're on a budget, spread it out across a few months!

Need more convincing?

Other people can tell you how awesome this information is!

“As I grew my business, I knew I needed to invest in education that would help me produce work that justified raising my prices to the level I aspired to be at. My clients deserved a photographer who was confident in every lighting situation possible on a wedding day- which included after dark. I reached out to Justine because her flash work always blew me away! It is evident that she has done extensive research and has years of experience in using flash at events. Getting to learn from Justine was such a gift. I cannot recommend Justine enough as an educator and also as an exceptional photographer. Her technical skills and creativity come together to create magic in every photograph she produces.”

Brie, Wedding Photographer from Idaho

“Investing in Justine Milton’s photography courses was the best decision of my career. I used to really struggle with trying to light different types of venues properly and would just leave a flash on my camera which would leave me with flat looking images. After learning off camera flash from Justine I can confidently light any room in any type of lighting situation. Total game changer.”

Lyndsay, Wedding Photographer from Edmonton

“I have always valued investing in education but I would put off learning more technical knowledge such as flash. This was mostly out of fear that it is too hard to learn or that it would be more of a hassle at receptions with a lighting set up. I have learned through Justine though that is not the case at all. In fact the opposite! Learning how to set up off camera flash will allow you to focus more on the shots rather than worrying if TTL has exposed correctly or having to constantly adjust settings in manual mode. She explains everything so clearly and with diagrams for reference. The method is simple and straightforward. I feel so liberated that I now can tackle any venue or lighting situation in order to deliver the best results possible for my clients!”

Melissa, Wedding Photographer from Vancouver

“Justine's flash course is so valuable for any wedding photographer! She has truly mastered her craft and has done such a great job of teaching the fundamentals of OCF. She breaks everything down step-by-step, with videos walking you through how to use your gear and set up your lighting. She also includes a PDF workbook that is such a great resource and teaching tool. This course will instantly elevate your business by allowing you to master OCF and create dynamic light in your images. I now have so much more confidence in my reception work and images. Thank you Justine!!!”

Jenny, Wedding Photographer from Edmonton

My Journey With Lighting

When I photographed my first wedding in 2010, I knew I needed a flash, didn't know how to use it tho. I shot with it on camera for the entire reception, and while it was fine, it could have been so much better. I went through the phases of shooting with available light only, shooting with strobes to just blast the room with light so everything was bright enough. I tried shooting with a video light only. Now, shooting with off camera flash and feeling confident I can light up any room I walk into.

Lifetime Access

That means you can have this course forever. There is no limit on the speed you have to complete it! You can access it on any computer at your own pace!

See what's in each module!

  • 1

    Module 1

    • 1.1 Course Intro

    • 1.2 Flash Gear Overview

    • 1.3 Researching Flashes Yourself

    • 1.4 Flash Modifiers

    • 1.5 How Many Flashes Do I Need?

  • 2

    Module 2

  • 3

    Module 3

    • 3.1 Courteous Flash Use

    • 3.2 Ambient Light

    • 3.3 Video Light

    • 3.32 Video Light

    • 3.4 On Camera Direct Flash

    • 3.5 Bounce Flash

    • 3.6 Off Camera Flash

    • 3.7 Go To OCF Set Ups

  • 4

    Module 4

    • 4.1 Walkthrough

    • 4.2 Details

    • 4.3 Portraits

    • 4.4 Speeches

    • 4.5 Dancing

    • 4.6 Extras

  • 5

    Module 5

    • 5.1 Walkthrough

    • 5.2 Entrance

    • 5.3 Portraits

    • 5.4 Speeches

    • 5.5 Details

    • 5.6 Sparkler Exit

  • 6

    Module 6

    • Film with Flash

  • 7

    Module 7

    • Live Shooting

  • 8

    Bonus Section


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Have gorgeous decor in a dark venue?
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The reception is where most of the couples budget is spent, it's where you spend a significant amount of time and end up with a fairly large percentage of the photos from the day. Overall it's a really significant part of the wedding and often overlooked by photographers. Start loving shooting receptions with easy light set ups that work for your style and really show case that decor!
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